Thursday, October 18, 2012

How Far Apart Should I space My Children?

Your Ideal Family

When it comes to your family or family planning alot of potential mommies and daddies wonder what the ideal birth spacing of their children might be. The answer is not as simple as the question makes it out to be. When thinking about the spacing of your children alot of questions come to mind...

You can read the rest of my technical babble here.

My Personal Take:

My daughters are 14 months apart; no it was not planned that way but that's what works for us. They are the best of friends and the best of enemies  at the same time. Growing up with one other sibling being 6 years younger than me I must say I prefer our family dynamics MUCH better.

That said I think that they may have missed out on many things that siblings spaced further apart may have gotten (IE more one on one time, no hand me down clothes etc.). Even with all the "negatives"  the "experts" mentioned I can't imagine it any different.

Just who are these "experts" anyways? Do they even have children? <------just a side thought